Cyber Bullying Synthesis Essay

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Cyberbullying is defined as using technology to repeat severe hostile behavior. For the past years there has been many discussion on how to handle cyberbullying. Many people are taking it out on our government to fix these online problems.However is it really their fault that parents or guardians can’t correct these kids behavior before it gets taken to the internet. Although there is talk about making cyberbullying a part of the United States criminal code it has to be discussed in depth.
The ages that are under this spot light ranges from 18 and under stated from source 1. Letting these social media apps can cause a lot of negativity in a child's daily life. If you are getting bullied and you don’t speak up for yourself or even if you just take all the heat you can get very depressed, or have violent behavior, and cause a negative impact on academic performance, even suicide. Source 1 speaks on bullying getting consequence such as jail time for two years or less. It’s not difficult to find
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In HR 6123 Source 2 acts by saying “ we think the language of the bill is too vague to protect citizens against such interpretations”. Although going to the legislation to get your voices heard cyberbullying won’t stop because of the government. Once cyberbullying becomes a part of the U.S codes many more loopholes will from to get around jail time.“Proposing laws and attacking social networking sites are both weak and approaches with negative results stated Source 2. Kids that are being predators towards other kids online is because of their own insecurities and what’s going on in their life. Many of their problems has to be fixed internal first . Berkman Center at Harvard University says “ There is lots of kids hurting badly online and they’re hurting offline

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