High School Bullying Essay

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Some people believe that life without making fun of others is boring. However, others think that life will be a good thing without it. Bullying people is an action that makes a person or a group of people feel uncomfortable, but it is a very common occurrence in school. In High School, I saw a lot of bullying going on and it was a really big problem. In my class, I had a very funny and interesting guy who was studying with me whose name was Mark. He was a simple and quiet student, but different from others as he was very intelligent. Mark was a good friend and we spent a lot of time together. However, in spite of his perfect grades, or maybe because of them, he was the only student in my class who got bullied. He was bullied for reasons which …show more content…
For example, he was always ready to answer teacher’s question. Furthermore, he got perfect grades on all of the tests and quizzes which caused envy from other students because he also was the teacher’s favorite. Trying to compensate for their less perfect grades and scolding from teachers, some of the other students – the bullies, bullied Mark so that they could show they had the power no matter what the teachers thought of him or his grades. Students envied him, because teachers always praised him and he did not have problems with his parents because his grades were high. My classmates always hit him in restrooms and they laughed at him all the time. Moreover, he always wore glasses which gave him a lot of problems. Students always called him …show more content…
From the moment he started to train hard in the gym, his reputation started to grow. His body became stronger and bigger, and as a result, he became less approachable to the bullies. For example, his weight increased by twenty kilograms. Previously, he was the smallest and skinniest guy in our class. However, half a year later he was bigger than fifty percent of the boys who were studying in our school. In addition, Mark stopped wearing his glasses, which used to give him a lot of problems, and started wearing contact lenses. Step by step, my friend became stronger, clever and braver. Because he became bigger, he started to fight back against students who tried to bully him. After that students started to socialize with him as though he was their friend and no one wanted to bully him anymore. His reputation spread fast and that made Mark feeling much happier. Mark took a huge step to make his life better. For me he is an example, showing how people can find a solution to a really difficult and unpleasant situation. Bullying is one of the biggest problems in high schools, which breaks the spirit of many teenagers and only the bravest of the students can get out of this really unpleasant situation. For me, Mark is a hero who, despite the difficulties, achieved his goal, becoming a happy and satisfied person. He made his life comfortable at school, which made me so happy and so proud of

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