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About 42% of kids in the U.S have been bullied. I know in BHS bullying is a HUGE no-no. In the Lord Of The Flies Piggy is bullied often by the Antagonist Jack. In most bullying situations, this is the common set up. A popular, or “higher ranked” personnel finds an unpopular, or “lower ranked” personnel and enjoys taunting and making fun of this person. They often feel this is a huge accomplishment and decides to do so for their own personal pleasure and social standings. I know this from my own experience. It makes the individual that is being targeted feel lonely, sad, miserable, and without a purpose. Isn 't that the whole idea of life? To find a purpose and to be happy and social without worry? With bullying you 're literally taking …show more content…
It will fester every minute of every day that the victim is bullied and messed with. Piggy is a victim of bullying. Before the island, Piggy was very over weight and fighting with asthma and obesity. He was given the nickname “Piggy” as a sign of humiliation of being overweight. Piggy was bullied to no end at home and after he crashed on the island he was scared but that little bit of him was happy to be escaping the humility of the harsh and cruel remarks made towards him back home. Soon after crashing on the island, Piggy met Jack. Jack made Piggy very uncomfortable from the beginning. He found him intimidating. Jack was your normal cocky kid. He thought he was a leader and he assumed he had control over everyone else. He was very wrong. Jack bullied Piggy from the moment they met and from that moment on, he intimidated Piggy. For example "Piggy opened his mouth to say something, caught Jack 's eye and shut it again. " (pg42). This shows intimidation and fear from Jack towards Piggy. Jack is an example of an antagonist, someone who opposes fear or is hostile towards someone. This is the reason why I think Piggy is not confident in his ideas and shy to speak up during the rest of the book. Even though Piggy is more of a leader than Jack will ever be, with his smart decisions and ability to think things

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