Bullying: It Is Right or Wrong Essay example

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Teresa Cooley
Professor Shawn Grant
English Composition and Reading 1
16 February 2011

Bullying: it is right or wrong?

What is bullying? Bullying is a cruel way to gain power and strength over others who are weaker to hurt and has a negative effect on the victims. What does bullying mean to me? To me, bullying means a way for someone who is controlling toward others in order for them to be popular and make friends. Some characteristics of bullies are being frustrated, don’t want to follow rules, thinks violence is positive, and boys are physically stronger. Risk factors of bullies are parents, don’t show love to their children, not limiting behavior, not being supervised,
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25% grades 1-3, 15% grades 4-6, and 12% grades 7-8 who are victims and goes down.
Children who are victims are not likely to be bullied by those who are the same age. Victims of bullying have low self-esteem because of being bullied again and again. Victims have signs of depression such as feeling sad and also have no interest in activities they normally do. Bullies and victims feel unsafe, not liked, and will not do well in school. Children who are both bullies and victims have a hard time adjusting to new surroundings. 85% of bullying happens when groups of people see it.
83% of children say witnessing bullying happen makes them feel unsafe. Boys are most likely to be involved in bullying and take part in it then girls. When bullying happens on playgrounds, students usually stop it quicker than adults by standing up for victims. Bullying is learned by watching conflict of parents. Adults have a responsibility for their children in order to stop and prevent bullying.
Children who are victims of bullying keep it to themselves. They think they can handle the bully, worried about the bully’s anger, and how other children would approve. They also think teachers and adults won’t do anything to help them. It can be prevented in school if the principal is willing to help. Bullying happens when there aren’t many adults and groups of children are involved in rough play or sports. Due to the fact teachers aren’t aware of bullying happening on playgrounds,

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