Why Do Bully Do What They Do Essay

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Why do bullys do what they do? For the simple reason that subconsciously they feel inferior and unadaquate and try to compensate for this by bullying those that appear to be weaker. Notice that a bully is a coward for they wont bully people that will strike back in like but will allways latch onto those that are for whatever reason unable to respond in kind. What bullies dont know is that by the very act of bullying they are showing their weakness. Yes they are weak and inferior in their mental makeup but of course they don't know this for they think that by bullying they are showing their strength, power and superiority when in fact they are showing the lack of strength, power and superiority by over compesating for this lack by bullying. …show more content…
They are nothing more than "Power Parasites". Of course they don't know this and would rather die than admit it. The real reason for their bulling is hiden deep within their psyche and they need profesional psycological help to figure out what causes them to be the way they are. Knowing this alone should make any victim have some compasion for their bully but compasion aside you have to think of yourself first and how to help yourself avoid being a victim and even more why do you allow yourself to be a victim in the first …show more content…
Fear is one of the bigest reasons people allow themselves to be bullied so if you are afraid of being beaten up or insulted or made to feel small in front of others or are afraid for your safety, that's OK. It is perfectly normal to feel afraid and it is a naturl reaction for self preservation. Do you feel you are too meek and kind and people take that to be a sign of weakness? In most cases of bulling that's the cause for your bully needs to pick on someone he/she thinks wont retaliate and in not doing so will make the bully feel strong. So should you learn to be more asertive to prevent yoursef from being bullided in the future? By all means go ahead and learn to empower yourself.
Report bullying and if it is just petty bulling put a stop to it by asserting yourself but please be carefull for sometimes bullying is not just petty but serious and this should be reported to the authorities. No serious bully should be aproached without seeking help so report and ask for help. There are a number of ways to deal with bullies and below are just a

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