The Importance Of Knowing How To Stop Bullying

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My story had started out in kindergarten. All the kids in my class would call me names, and make fun of me. At first I took it as teasing, but as I grew up, I realized that for some reason… everyone hated me. I didn’t know why and frankly, I wanted it to stop, badly. It didn’t get physical until 6th grade, when these group of kids were calling me names and saying that I should burn in hell all because I had recently come out as Transgender Female to Male. These kids would torment me and push me and since my school had two giant staircases, they would push me down them. When my dad had seen bruises, I said I fell… and now that I look back on it, I should’ve told him I was being bullied. But, when I was in 7th, I got into more of my fair share …show more content…
The goal of this paper is to inform people why is important to know what is bullying. Also, understanding the bullying and the different ways of how to stop bullying in our society or community all around the world.

Initially, bullying is a way of aggressive behavior that the individual use to affect others, particularly when the behavior involves an imbalance of power. An imbalance of power is when kids use their power, popularity, physical strength or access to the other individual private information, and uses it against them to embarrass or control them. Bullying includes actions such as attacking others physically, making threats, posting personal pictures/videos, spreading false rumors or simply not talking to them because of their race. First, it is significant for people to know there is three types of bullying, verbally, physically and cyber. Verbal bullying is defined as when someone uses any kind of negative comment by speaking. For example, if a student start calling his classmate names, or start teasing him that would be consider verbal bullying because he using his mouth as a weapon to harm others. Next, we have physical bullying which means the bully use his body to physically hurt their target, or destroy something that
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Teach youth how to treat others with respect, and to always be honest. Kids should do what they love no matter what, and not feel like they shouldn’t just because somebody does not like it. Sometimes, spending more time with kids talking about daily issues can make them feel more comfortable if they have a problem. Teachers should talk about bullying directly since is a main step on understanding how it can affect kids. Parents have simply ways on how they can keep up with their child life like, participating in school activities, share their phone number with other kids parents, meet and get to know their kid bus driver and reach out teachers by

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