Bullying In Special Education

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When you hear the word bullying what do you think of? Do you think of someone using an action to hurt another person, or do you think of someone using words to hurt someone? Either way, both forms of bullying can be hurtful to others. Bullying is seen a lot in schools. Not only is bullying being done to the students in general education, but also to the students who have disabilities and are in special education. Students in special education are bullied worse than the students in general education and this needs to be put to a stop.
To begin, bullying is defined as an unwanted aggressive behavior (Swearer). There are three main types of bullying, which include: verbal, emotional and physical. Verbal bullying is when someone is saying or writing
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By being educated, they would have a better understanding on why some students with disabilities cannot always help the things that they do or say. If students got educated about disabilities then it would expand their knowledge and make them more accepting to students who have disabilities. Another way that would help decrease bullying among special education students would be having a peer buddy system. Students with disabilities that are in an inclusion class are bullied the most (Swearer). To help decrease this, the students with disabilities can be paired with a general education student that is in the inclusion classroom. The pairs can work on assignments together and then spend extra time throughout the class socializing about different things. The pairs can switch weekly and this would give students the opportunity to work with different students. This would also help the students with disabilities to feel comfortable and liked in the class. By implementing these two classroom strategies, bullying among students with disabilities would hopefully …show more content…
In schools, students need to feel safe in order to learn and be comfortable in the environment. If students are getting bullying inside of the school then they are going dread going to school and they are going to be worried about whether they will be bullied today or not. There should be school wide efforts to eliminate bullying in order to make all students feel safe and comfortable. The goal of these programs should be to increase awareness about bullying and then to decrease bullying behaviors among students (Hartley). When planning a school wide program all teachers and staff members need to be involved in order to implement the plan. When implementing a plan, there needs to be rules that are followed and consequences that happen if the rules are broken (Hartley). By having a system like this, students are aware of what they should be doing in order to not be a bullying and then they know what the consequences are when they do not follow those rules. By implementing a school-wide plan, bullying among students with disabilities will be decreased because everyone will be following the same

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