My Bullying Experience

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The topic I chose is Bullying because of my personal experiences. I selected this topic because I’ve experienced an enormous amount of bullying. Some of the conditions and ideas from my book that I will use are, observational learning and self- esteem. Self-esteem plays a significant role in bullying. Self-esteem gives a sense of how we feel about our personal characteristics. Many people believe positive things about themselves, but everyone always has some low self- esteem within themselves. Bullies mostly target students because of their insecurities or even problems they go through at home.
In September, in Illinois school named Belleville high school; many professionals agreed more should be done in order to stop bullying. The police
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All throughout my childhood I have been bullied. I was a different type child I had a learning disability and children around the class would make fun of the kids who had a disability. I tried my best throughout middle school managing to ignore all the jealous people calling me special. At this time, I was going through the most because my parents were at the edge of a divorce. Raising my sister while my father was not around, helping my mother with the small chores around the house. This made me more responsible around the house and gave me motivation to ignore the kids at school. But the truth is the bullying never ended even after I told the teachers did nothing but believed the popular kids. As elementary graduation came, I did not even take a single picture with any of the students I just left as quick as a heartbeat. The bad memories made me not care for anyone at the school. All I felt was hate and anger. This made me also have a low self-esteem within myself, making me doubt myself about many things in life. Even the teachers were very ineffective due to them not reporting my problems that I had with the …show more content…
Many educators tried to make programs to stop bullying but bullying tends to go on forever no matter the help. Videos with bullying goes viral shows how bullying is showed and people are made fun of through the internet. Even many laws were passed but it did not stop bullying. Educators even conducted surveys to find out where and how bullying happens in a school setting. Bullies target people for different motives. In reality, there will always be people that are different. Many students will be in favor of bullying joining the bullying and laughing at the one who is being bullied. For the most time teachers won’t punish popular kids that have a great amount of respect from their peers. Bullying is all over the world there is even many times of bullying cyberbullying physical and even verbal. Even my own experience tells you that even the teachers and counselors can be in the same level as the students. Making students have low self-esteem by telling them they are not capable of accomplishing certain goals in

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