Bullying Prevention In High Schools

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“I kill about 13 million kids a year,” said bullying. Obviously bullying isn 't a person but this is a true fact. Each and everyday people suffer from bullying. It can threaten students physical and emotional safety at school, and can affect their ability to learn. It can even lead to depression, and even death. The U.S. Department of Justice found that 160,000 kids per day do not attend school for fear of being bullied. Bullying prevention should take place in High Schools. To begin with, it is important to be able to recognize the different types of bullying. The first type and the most obvious is physical bullying, this is where physical violence is used. The bully can make the victim feel intimidated or scared, while the bully feels …show more content…
The reason for that is because they are the ones engaging in the classroom with their students each day. First off it is important for the teacher to be aware of the school policies on bullying, and enforce them. One of the most helpful ways is for teachers to let their students know they are there to help and listen. So many times students can be struggling with bullying, and feel like they can not go to their teachers for help. The teacher needs to let their students know from the beginning that they are their to help, and are reliable. Projects, or class assignments can be based around bullying. In order for bullying to be prevented students must be aware of the consequences, and what people who are bullied go through. For example, an anti-bullying play for a theater class would help prevent bullying. Another way for teachers to prevent bullying is to take immediate action. Some do not believe that it is the teacher 's job to discipline. But, it is important for students to understand how serious the matter …show more content…
Bullying can increase a wide range of psychological and behavioral problems including anxiety, and insecurity.(Roberto Forero) Feelings of sadness, headaches, and abdominal pains can also occur within bullying victims. The buller needs to be aware of the damage they are causing. Sometimes, the bully may not even know that they are bullying. This is why schools need to have awareness programs that inform students on the different types of bullying, and the affects of it. Many people believe that a bully is someone who is mean, and does not care about others. This can be true in certain situations, but a lot of times the bully is suffering from their own insecurities. It 's important for schools to upbuild, and uplift their students.
If bullying is not prevented in high school, it can lead to workplace bullying. An article about workplace bullying found that their was an 25%-90% increase in the risk of recorded sickness absence due to it. (M. Kivimäki) Workplace bullying can lead to depression and anxiety. It has been predicted that this sort of stress can actually cause cardiovascular disease. Bullying is an ongoing thing, and it must be prevented or it can spread for years and years after high

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