Bullying Effect

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There are many different types of bullying in the United States of America and all around the world. One reason there are bullies is because of the way their parents/guardians treat them, others are because of the way parents/guardians don’t treat them, they ignore them all the time. Bullying has become a big problem and can be stopped. Bullying has a negative effect on teenagers because it lowers their self-esteem, causes stress, and ruins reputations through mobbing and cyberbullying. Bullying happens everywhere, in schools, at home, and with friends. When young kids get bullied, they grow up with negative defects. Negative defects are mental disabilities, obesity (Ethan Carter), and physical disabilities. Bullying not only goes on in …show more content…
Parents should monitor what their children do and who they talk to on the internet. There are ways to set up parental controls on websites that may be harmful or hateful. The parents should also know the password and be able to read over their childs conversations with other kids. The student should make their profile on any social media account private, and never share their password(s) with anyone. They should only allow to be friends with who they know. They should also be very careful posting things like pictures or statuses on faccebook or other social media sites. (stopbullying.gov) Bullying causes a lot of stress. This leads to suicide, failing school, bad reputation, drugs and alchohol. When a student gets bullied they feel abandoned, ignored, and useless. There are ways to prevent all of these things by having classes to prevent bullying or keeping a better eye on the victims of bullying. Bullying has an emotional effect on the victim. Since they do not get the attention they want, this leads to anger, fear, and sadness. It also leaves a physical effect. The bullier may beat the victim and leaves scratches and …show more content…
There are bullies everywhere, even at work. Office bullies are all over America, more than 3,300 people across America have said that they have felt bullied, and 19% have left their job because of it. The victims of this kind of bullying are people with different races, homosexuals, bisexuals, and workers with physical disabilities. "One of the most surprising takeaways from the study was that bullying impacts workers of all backgrounds regardless of race, education, income and level of authority within an organization," said Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources at CareerBuilder. Bullying at work may not be calling names, physical abuse or anything like on the playground of gradeschools or highschools, but it is comments were either ignored or put down, falsy accused of something bad that he/ she didn’t do, different policies for a certain worker, or picked on because of race or gender. Just like young children, confrontation is the best way to go at it. The situation very scarcely worsens, but it goes 50/50 getting better or no action was taken. There are other tips for bullying at the office such as, keeping records on what they have done to you, talk to the bully and see if they know what they are doing to you, or talk about how to make the situation better.

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