Student Bullying Research Paper

Student Bullying
Being a student is not easy with all the stress from homework and test not to mention dealing with peer pressure and bullying. Now days there is different types of bullying from relational bullying, cyberbullying, verbal bullying and physical bullying. These types of bullying are in our school system around our kids. Are we doing anything to fix what is going on in our schools when it comes to bullying? Do we as teacher, parents and student understand what bullying is and does? Are we continuing to try and help our students to prevent bullying? These are all very important questions that we need to get a better understand and answers to be able to prevent bullying. School bullying has affected a lot of individuals and is only
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Let’s all clear our heads for a minute and take the time to think about what it was like when we were in school. We did not have half the problems our children are having now with bullying. We need to take the time and talk with our children and students to make sure they understand the issue that is at hand with bullying and how it affects others. Also, it is very important for children to know that they should just say nothing when someone is making fun of or bullying a class mate or a friend. Pay it forward and help them. We will have the tools to help get a better feel for what we are looking for and what the reaction are from those who are victims of bullying. Throughout this article there will be a better understanding as to what bullying is how it is started and what measure we can take to help prevent and teach our students to not bully and not put up with it. Also we can understand as parents what we need to do to help our children …show more content…
There should be constant reminders every day from parents about bullying and what it does to someone and how it affects them emotionally and mentally. As adults and caretakers of the students we need to stand up for our children and teach them to also not be the ones bullying. We need to look for the signs of what our children are doing and as parents we need to pay more attention to our children’s actions as well as their words. Bullying is an issue that needs to be taken serious and needs to be taken control of by all parties doing their part. Together we can prevent bullying by taking the time out and making a effort to talk to our children, our students and our school officials. We need to pay more attention to the student actions and pay attention to the signs now that we are more aware. As for the parent pay attention to your children’s attitudes and make sure we are setting a good example for the children so they have a positive role model to look up to and learn how to treat others and be treated

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