Bringing Reality To Classroom Management In Teacher Education: Article Analysis

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Eiseman, G., Edwards, S. & Cushman, C.A. (2015). Bringing Reality to Classroom Management In Teacher Education. Professional Educator, 39(1), 1-12.
This article was focused on the lack of attention that classroom management receives in teacher preparation courses and the education field. The article highlights pre-service teacher trainings on topics such as focusing on student learning, classroom management assessments and activities, movie study, microteaching, animated video or comic strip, observation protocol, and having a personal management system.
There was no empirical data involved in this article however; the concluded that when classroom management techniques are pertinent to learning and that teachers must be prepared in
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The study was conducted to investigate the experiences of student teachers and their use of blogs while on professional placement. The article addressed the problem of student teachers preferring a recipe like model for addressing behavioral issues. The article advised that student teachers are to be trained in behavior management through experience and reflection during their school practicum or placement. The article suggested a way to provide opportunities for reflection of their experience was through a …show more content…
Phi Delta Kappan, 96 (2) 19-24.
The article addressed the importance of social-emotional learning when dealing with classroom management. The article based its support around 4 main principles in regards to effective classroom management. A pilot study was done with 12 head start classrooms and 42 additional classrooms in using the program designed for Pre-K students called SECURe.
In using this program the findings concluded that the program increased student’s attention skills and reduced their impulsive behavior. The program also had a positive effect on literacy skills amongst the lowest achievement students in the sample. The article provided many strategies to increase classroom management skills. The table that was presented explaining the techniques of the program were very resourceful. Although the article reported the findings of the program it failed to explain the data or provide a progress monitoring chart showing the effects of implementation of the program.
Ediger, M. (2013). Managing the Classroom: A Very Salient Responsibility in Teaching and Learning Situations Is Classroom Management. Education, 134(1),

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