Brian Jacques's Redwall, The Warrior Reborn

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Redwall is a fantasy novel published in 1986. The theme of the story seems to be Courage and Respect. Redwall is the first novel of a series of twelve books, with some of them being; Mossflower, Mattimeo and Mariel of Redwall. Redwall has gotten a Lancashire Libraries Children’s Book of the Year Award, and a Western Australian Young Readers Award. The audience seems to be intended for children, but most likely (and probably has already) can be enjoyed by an older group. The book’s popularity is huge with over 20 million copies sold, and is/was a bestseller. Redwall has been turned into a movie/tv show (cartoons), and will maybe soon become a videogame called Redwall, The Warrior Reborn. I personally think that it is a great book. It …show more content…
To keep it in short, Jacques would take walks with his dog, and in his neighborhood, he saw the “red walls.” Other inspirations come from dreams and simple ideas like those. Jacques has worked many previous jobs including a truck driver, playwright, radio talk show host and many more. Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool England, and can be seen in the book very well, as googling Liverpool tourism does bring up some old timey stuff, and is sometimes known as a city of culture. Brian Jacques has written a few books other than the redwall series including; Seven strange and Ghostly Tales, The Angel’s Command, and The Ribbajack & Other Curious Yarns. Finally, a lot of the stories that take place within Redwall were actually stories lived by his friends and family. Our protagonist this time around is Matthias, and he is a mouse in Redwall who wants to be a warrior. Matthias seems to be very young as he literally is revealed to be young (no age given though) and one mouse once said in the book that he has a brain and can use it! (along those lines). Matthias’ role in Redwall, is that he is a commander in the Redwall Military. Matthias is the way he is as he is an orphan taken care of the Abbot. Matthias is a great warrior, as it is revealed later in the story, but his wits always are his weakness, as again he is

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