The Warriors Into The Wild Analysis

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Literary Essay

I read a fiction novel The Warriors Into the Wild by Erin Hunter. The book is told from a third person narrator. The book is about this kittypet named Rusty and he joins one of the four clans and becomes an apprentice.He has a new name called Firepaw and he learns enough about the other clans and he has to keep secrets that he don’t know if there ture.When everything seems fine he has to fase the biggest change he has ever face to save his camp will he do it or will his camp suffer and lose everything.
There are many lessons to be learned from this story, but one of the major ideas is it takes enough of practice to accomplish your goals. I believe that this is the theme of the story because he learned very well and beat his leader in a practice fight. Another reason I believe this is when he was out hunting for food for
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I said this was a good reason because when he was fighting he was using the moves that his trainer taught him and because of that he won the match. Other reason that I choose that reason is because he was not giving up and he was determined that he will win. The final reason that I pick the reason is because I thought that this was a good reason and it talks about my theme in the story. I know that this is the theme because It talks about how he uses his skills and wins the battle.
There for my third reason, is when firepaw he fights against the shadow clan warriors and they won the battle. The reason that I picked this reason is it talks about how he uses his skill in battle that he learned and see them put together and you can see them in a fight and win. Another reason that I picked that reason is the author gives a description of how he uses the moves in battle so it gives a great look of how it is a great fit for the theme or

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