Character Analysis Of Rules Of The Game By Amy Tan

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We have studied three short stories during this week. All three stories had one common factor of strong and impressive characters, and the character traits explained in the notes are well used and applied differently in each story.

The story of “Rules of the Game” by Amy Tan is about a Chess prodigy who lived on Waverly Place in the Chinatown of San Francisco. Waverly Jong, is the major character in this story, she is the protagonist who self learned chess at a young age. Like the story tells, the six year old girl has a complex personality, which makes her a round character. While she portrays as a contradictory person in the story, and the resolving of conflict, on the other hand, she is also a dynamic character who changes over time. For
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Cather describes Paul as an antihero in the story. He is very idealistic, rather than someone from real world. The story tells us the troubled young boy, Paul, who behaves in a negative existence, but through the narrator’s view, the boy is full of passion but without guidance. Thus Paul is a round and flat character, which is showed by his actions and passions. The quote from the story shows the round characteristic of Paul, “He stood through smiling” (2), his attitude towards life is like nothing matters to him. And on the other hand, Paul’s passion shows the flat characteristics of him, while his ideas and thoughts show the round character part of him. Paul’s situation ironically describes what is going to be likely if we continue our obsession with judgment of people by their actions, sentences of them by our …show more content…
Walter Mitty is a man who gets “henpecked” by his wife, and we all aware of the social phenomenon of many men get “henpecked” by their wife. He feels very insecure in his real life, and he begins to fantasizes about himself in an imagine world. Oppositely from his real life, Mitty is powerful and strong in his fantasies. He also gets respects and worships by other people in there. His characterization is very classical, if we view him from the point of a man who gets “henpecked”. Mitty is also a dynamic character, he changes through the story, at the end, Mitty imagines not only the powerful him, but also his own death. I personally would say Walter Mitty is a rather complex

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