Perception Throughout Animalism In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Perception throughout Animalism

Would you say that you do what you do, is based off of your view of the world? Or at least how others shape it? Your actions are always based off of what you think is happening or going on. We use a process in our brains called reasoning, taking the information that we are told and using it to make decisions. Most issues that we have are based off of false information, usually told by someone to help improve their own standing point. In the book Animal Farm written by George Orwell, Napoleon, a power hungry pig was determined to take over the Manor Farm, The Animal Revolution. Following in Majors footsteps Napoleon took the idea of equality for all animals and altered
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The revolution was sparked with a common goal and a common problem. The animal were being treated unfairly and they wanted it to stop. Before the animals were separated from each other, Having little interaction. Until they had found a common issue that they wanted to solve. If you look throughout history you will find that people with the same goal seem to work together to reach it. Even in today’s modern society, all of our artificial intelligence is working towards a common goal as us. Uniting us and making us work together. In the book the same thing happens. They all have the enemy farmer Jones, they unite and realize that they are stronger together than they are as on. Which sadly they forget later in the book. Napoleon takes over and is in control but the animals are afraid to speak out alone. If they were to join together they would have been …show more content…
In the book we have a fake martyr. Napoleon gives his people the false sense that he is putting in the most work out of all the animals And squealer is helping convince them. He tells them that he is worried about the future of the animal farm and everything he does is for the farm. He pretends to be this selfless being. When in fact anything he does, he does for his personal benefits. He does this all without thinking. Now we read this and say in our heads “ this pig is a jerk” but in fact even today, through modern technology we are getting closer and close to not thinking for ourselves like how Napoleon gives all the other animal the information of how it will be and how it is not letting them think for themselves and basically brainwashing them to believe what benefits

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