Animal Criticism In The Animal Farm By George Orwell

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Register to read the introduction… The citizens have access to fabricated ideas, and not the absolute truth on matters. The public only gets to hear what the leaders want them to hear. Leaders have the media in their control and therefore manipulate it for their selfish gain. The ignorance of the citizens who do not understand the constitution is the advantage of the selfish leaders. These citizens are not perfectly aware of the provisions in the constitution and even if manipulation or altering of these occurs, the change will go unnoticed. This is the exact case in the farm, because some animals cannot read, and therefore, Muriel the literate goat read for them. Squealer represents the media that has no freedom but only reports fabricated stories from those in power. It is saddening that the citizens do not scrutinize the information they receive and even if they do, they are condemned to silence.
Civil servants in the developing world earn very little. The governments do not listen to their grievances even when aired. They work so hard to make the nation move economically, but the benefits remain
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These agreements do not prioritize the needs of the citizens. Most of the people producing crops exported to other countries, receive very little for their produce. They incur losses most of the time because farm additives are expensive. They suffer all these when the rich live in luxury. Orwell painted a picture of such a society in his story. Napoleon sold the farm produce for his own interests; to get access to the luxurious things the pigs used. The animals worked excessively, in cold weather and even on Sundays but they did not enjoy the fruits of their hard work. This is the irony in the developing countries. Those who work, earn little, whereas the rich amass wealth for

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