Branding As A Brand By Creating Customer Value And Profitability

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when speaking of a certain product category. All of these combined marketing efforts will slowly create growth for the brand by creating customer value and profitability.
History of Branding
Branding is not a new phenomenon, it is actually centuries old as brick-makers in ancient Egypt engraved symbols on their bricks to both identify and differentiate their products. Much like companies today, trade guilds in medieval Europe required “trademarks” on their products to assure consumers of dependable and consistent quality. Brand names first appeared in the early sixteenth century when whiskey distiller producers “branded” their names on top of each barrel before shipping. Their brand name on the wooden barrels helped identify the distiller’s names to the consumers and also prevented substitution with much cheaper products by tavern owners. Many companies utilize these basic principles regarding branding as the foundation of marketing their product to today’s consumers. The “brand” concept evolved in the eighteenth century because producers wanted to differentiate their products from the competition. So they decided to replace producers’ names from the products and use famous people, names and pictures of animals, and places of origin to strengthen the association of the brand name with their particular product. Furthermore, in the nineteenth and twentieth century the purposes and strategies of branding emerged to further enhance the value of a product beyond its functional…

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