Brand Audit of John Lewis Essay

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Brand Audit of John Lewis
Brand Audit of John Lewis


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1. The purpose of this report 3
1.2. What is a brand?

2. The John Lewis Brand 4
2.1. How does John Lewis stand out?
2.2. The brand elements of John Lewis 5
2.3. The brand values of John Lewis 6

3. The perceived brand image of John Lewis 7

4. Recommendations for the future 8 competiveness of John Lewis

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John Lewis is unique not only through its partnership, but they also ensure to match their competitors on quality, price and service.
According to Superbrands (2012), John Lewis is renowned for the level of customer service they offer and it is their unique customer service that sets them apart.
Although the customer service of John Lewis has been evaluated to be favourable, they still must have points of parity. These associations mainly consist of basic service requirements such as a refunds policy and convenient opening hours.

Keller (1998) explains that customer service is a challenge in branding as it is intangible. Companies can use the properties of service quality (see Appendix B) to make customer service more identifiable to consumers. John Lewis tries to make their service more tangible through their staff. Staff members are present on the shop floor and wear appropriate uniform and ID badges. When the flagship store on Oxford Street was mystery shopped, the staff showed qualities of responsiveness, competence, courtesy and communication (Old Fashioned Values, 2009), which are all properties of service quality. LePla and Parker (2002) state that brands with strong customer service have the highest loyalty ratings.
Superbrands (2012) quoted that ‘quite simply: at John Lewis, a customer’s happiness is

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