Kapferer Brand Prism Analysis

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2.2.1. Kapferer’s brand prism
A general aspect in defining the brand will vary to major extent in present scenario. In the field of brand marketing, multiple countenances have evolved and iteration by many academicians and Kapferer has development a critical model that deals with the identity of a brand (Aaker, 1996; de Chernatony, 1999; Kapferer, 1986; Upshaw, 1995). Kapferer model (2008) by itself has differentiated from the others because this model incorporates managers’ (physical, relationship, personality, culture, and consumer reflection) and consumers’ inputs (self-image). The thesis and the prominence signifies that this model will find the image and identity of a brand and with such define objective this model is considered
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Brand equity can be segmented into two categories: the value of a brand (accounting purposes) and the marketing strategy used to educate consumers in relation to what they need to know about the brand (Keller, 1993). This research will focus on the second part of brand equity: brand knowledge. Besides providing information about a brand, brand equity is important for marketing design from a financial, organizational and consumer behavior perspective (Davis, 2007; Keller and Lehmann, 2006). A model or framework to strengthen brand equity was introduced by de Chernatony (2001, p. 36) to encourage a combined approach to building and sustaining a …show more content…
In the dynamic field of corporate branding, management of the companies must be highly focused on corporate branding and performance as they need to manage differently from the line branding. Corporate branding and performance always need greater focus and attention as the size and composition of the brand management teams showing variations and should provide the required coordination among their business activities. Corporate marketing is not only essential for planning perspective to address external opportunities with core competencies, but it also recognizes the integration of internal activities to make sure better consistency in delivery. In this research work which was conducted by Harris and Chernatony has also investigated the primary concept of brand vision and culture that determine the core competencies of brand, core values that provides a system of guided principles.
Varying era of studies emphasize and portrays that managers should be well aware to communicate their brand objectives to their employees to help them to understand how their roles relate to them. The researchers also evaluated the building of corporate branding by using internal mechanisms and communication level that are considered to primary for any organization in the corporate

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