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1.) To what extent could Dean expect to apply the philosophies and techniques of JIT described in this chapter to the running of a staircase cell.
Dean Hammond can implement JIT techniques that seek to eliminate the significant amount of waste that exists in his current operational processes. Basically, there are seven wastes to be considered as obstacles in the lean system. It consists of over production, wasting time, transportation, process, inventory, motion, and defectives. As a result of implementing this concept, it will arrange a better-valued chain and create a solid base of production.
While the customized nature of B&B’s products isn’t conducive to the type of streamlining seen in volume manufacturing applications, they can
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This is where the biggest impact can be made in terms of production time, and once a solid ‘rhythm’ is found after implementation, the gains will naturally flow back to the first stage of estimation and quoting. Mr. Hammond can sell this idea to internal stakeholders such as the Joinery Manager and the production workers by emphasizing the benefits of efficiency. Each worker would be more productive and better able to produce work within estimated lead times. There would also be less time and effort spent shuffling large and cumbersome pieces of wood throughout the warehouse, making the job easier for each individual joiner. Through the combination of these benefits, Mr. Hammond has a strong case that B&B can become a more resilient and profitable company, providing a more financially sound place for internal stakeholders to call home.
4.) How different would the cell work be to that in the main Joinery Department?
This proposed cell would be for staircases alone. Work outside of the cell would require separate joiners with the ability to complete other products such as doors and windows. Since demand for these products is not as great as that for staircases, existing methods could continue for now. However, if the cell model works well for staircases, it could later be applied to the production of other items.
5.) Should Dean differentiate the working environment by providing distinctive work-wear such as T-shirts and distinctively painted

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