Prom Persuasive Essay

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Everybody in high school is obsessed with the idea of prom but its honestly not worth all of the hype. Prom is not only very expensive, its also way over rated, and a huge waste of time. All of the girls are always worried about who 's going to ask them to be their date. All the guys don’t really care for it but they do whatever they can to make the girls happy and keep them happy.

The main issue for girls when it comes to prom is who is going to ask me, or what am I going to wear. They don 't want to wear the same thing as another girl because that would just be so tragic. They think the more money they spend the better their experience, but that is so far from the truth its not even funny. Why would it matter how much money you spend? The best thing to do is to not even worry about prom because it is so expensive and for what for you to go and dance and hang out with friends? You can easily do that for free. All you have to do is have music and have all your friends bring food and then you have a dance party at your house. There 's no reason to have all the stress that comes with the hair and the make up and especially the dress. Everyone says that after high school if you don’t go to prom you will regret it majorly, but honestly that isn 't the only huge memory you have so you wont really think about it that much.
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' Or even "am I going to get in trouble for doing something stupid if o do decide to go to prom?"

The number one thing on every ones mind pretty much ALL school year is the big night also known as PROM and its ridiculous because there are millions of more important things that should be on your mind. This could be the night your life changes for ever but you have to clear all the prom nonsense out of your mind and actually spend some time out of the prom

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