Die Toffee Muffin Analysis

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Die toffee muffin
McKenzie Akambo


First section
David Hey! Did you hear that there is a new queer in Alana?

Delilah Yes, and there she walked past. Peter, whom needs sexual healing.

Peter Morning loves doves. I senses the sky red and there are two lovebirds on the tree.

David (lift the eyebrows.) No, what is it with you? Anyway what will you wear to the prom? A Dress! I have heard of you and the one who stays home like an old lady with the balls.

Delilah Yeah. The one who thinks He`s a woman. The Bible speaks of Adam and Eve, not Steve.

Peter Who talks so badly of me? Delilah have you been so run for me? (Furious) I'm not gay. I am a man like you David. Delilah, I think it is high time
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(With confusion and alarm) Make your selections. (With smirk and with a sense of eagerness) Types’ lover, we know that you are only a floozie with the toffee cake that you have eaten. Hold on, I'm happy without your dramas too. George, you are cruel and I also sense and a brain. Consent that stuff, it was adapted into me, man. My life evolves and revolve around you, my love.

Peter I must go home. I put myself in dirty waters I experience in the words of the proverb "You become the brain, then you feed to the pigs." Believe me you are the pig. Anyway go back to the saran queens, toffee cakes and old ladies with balls in their dirty Alana. Turn your bracketed David wearing me down for you

George Ha a. (In part he should not apologize as he hurt.) It is OK, but your day is counted on my chest and if I hear that floater round, you get me. Walk with your possessions as you have a brand new look sixpence. You belong to me you'll see. You know, I'm always that I care for you and will give him fix. Consider it done!

Peter (he gives look with his eyes rolling and laughs harder) you wait long. For you I'm not hungry. You run your life into dreams. I hope that the daylight and save you! Lustful you yet. Run! (With a soft voice) The pig.

George Bye (he kisses to his hand and waved to
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I have to see how my children and say it one more time when my children hungry go to bed het. Where were you Dearest Dad and dumped me bin.

Pa (He gets up and point for mothers with finger and displayed, clashing angry and offended.) You knew, but you stood by me when you had a chance to leave. If you want to leave just do the lion walk through my door on balcony? (He takes the bottle of wine from the cupboard and went outside.)

Mom should I kill myself for the deed of a queen which do the actions of Sodom and Gomorrah. Baby, you lost a few screws in head. You have a great in need of brain cells, making him wolf in a sheep shepherd to our marriage and his family. My backbone to him is big! I won’t do that. Peter, Where Delilah, your sister?

Peter (Come quickly and lost his breath.) I don’t know, mother. She was on my case again Mom. She and David again disturb my day with her babbling talks. Mom, I want to ask mom and dad fight less.

Mother My dear child! I understand your condition, but father refuses it and highly prospects on you! Just know that I your life. No matter what, I always got you. Now go back and teach my child. Do it for you and

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