Bowling For Columbine Essay

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In the film Bowling for Columbine, they use poverty, the media, and extreme violence to illustrate the effects it has on the citizens of America, and what minors are doing to contribute to the violence, and why.
One of topic they investigated extensively in this documentary was the media and how it compares to that of other countries, and how it could be influencing the huge number of gun deaths in America. Some Americans try to push the point that not many Canadians are colored, or that Canadians don’t watch as many horror movies, play as many violent video games, or don’t have access to as many firearms, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite. Canada is home to many people of color, and is exposed to just as much violence in movies and games, and most families in Canada own a gun of sorts. The major difference is that common themes among news and network channels in America in violence and brutality, whereas in Canada, their news remains cheerful and up going. An example of this being that one day, their breaking news was that new speed bumps had been constructed. Many people watch and are influenced by their local or global news, and violent
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Poverty creates many struggles in people’s lives and can negatively affect the peoples physical and mental health. On top of this, parents and guardians have to work extra hard to provide for their families and are gone at work most of the time. Once again, the Owens household is a prime example of this. Because Tamarla’s family was impoverished, and Dedrick’s father in jail, she was forced to work for the Welfare to Work program. Every day she traveled 80 miles to a wealthy Detroit suburb, where she worked two jobs and made $8:50 an hour. This same suffering is happening to families all over the country, minors feel the need to act on the sense of despair and the feeling of being unable to control their fate, and turn to

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