Essay Bottled Water Is Expensive And Uses More Water

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Most tap water is more heavily tested and regulated than bottled water (Ellsbury 10, 2012). So why do we prefer it more than, just about free, tap water in our homes? Bottled water is expensive and uses more water to make than what is inside of it. It also uses about seventeen million barrels of oil to manufacture water bottles every year. This is enough oil to fuel one million cars a year (Ellsbury 10, 2012). We, as a community, need to try to cut back on using disposable water bottles, or simply, recycle.
The first female I interviewed will be know as MS, she is currently twentyone. She was quite different from the other two interwiewees. She has never used a plastic bottle in her life, she also recycles everything that needs to be recycled. She said she uses reusable water bottles on a daily basis, why? “I like to have a bottle with me at all times so I can refill them, and so I don 't have to pay to buy disposable water bottles.” She makes a good point here, water bottles are extremely expensive, roughly, about one thousand time more than tap water. Later she made a completely different but good point about where the bottles go, “... they will be put in a landfill or end up somewhere in the wilderness where they do not decompose.” On an average every person in the United States will use one hundred sixty-eight disposable water bottles and out of all of those bottles only thirty-eight will be recycled (Ellsbury 10, 2012). Where do the rest of those bottles go? Into…

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