Essay on Bottled Water And Its Effects On Our Health

2126 Words Dec 12th, 2014 null Page
As you consume bottled water, you are also taking the risk to get cancer and various reproductive damages. Human body need water, it is our biological needs. However, people choose to drink bottled water is just for them to meet their secondary needs. If you could choose between bottled water and drink water fresh out from the tap, I believe you would go for bottled water. No doubt that our body needs water to survive. In US, most of the people have the access to tap water, but there is a large amount of people choose to consume bottled water. Why is this happening? People consume bottled water instead of drinking tap water is because they don’t like the smell or taste of it. People also think that bottled water is healthier compare to tap water, but where did they get this idea from? Bottled water companies designed convincing advertisements and marketing tactics to persuade the public to purchase their products. However, bottle water containing higher risk to endanger our health. Not only is bottle water have a risk to our body, it also has a huge environmental impact. Water bottles include substances that endanger people 's health, have harmful effects on environment and marine animals, so we should stop using one-time only water bottles, get a water filter in our homes, and have our own BPA free water bottles. The usage of bottled water in United States has skyrocket. Marketing designed overwhelming advertisements to convince the public about the purity and safety of…

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