Book Review : ' The Cat ' Essay

1094 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 5 Pages
Okonkwo was eighteen years old. He was tall and buff with very bushy eyebrows. Okonkwo looked different from others and he had one goal. He wanted to defeat the most powerful wrestler of all time, Amalinze the cat. Amalinzine the cat was the greatest wrestler and hasn’t been beaten for more than seven years. Okonkwo was determined to beat him and wanted all the support he can get. He wanted everyone to see the fight, but not Unoka, his father. Okonkwo had no patience for Unoka. Unoka was very irresponsible man. He would be lazy the whole day and would be quite incapable of thinking about tomorrow. Okonkwo would never forgive him for what he did. Unoka let his own wife and Okonkwo’s siblings starve to death while he is spending money on wine just for him and his “friends”. At the end he would owe his “friends” for borrowing the money. Unoka didn’t really spend that much time on his kids, never took advantage or realize of the life that was there in front of him, the children and his wife that wanted to spend quality time with him. Okonkwo from that day hates being related to him and would not want Unoka to go to the big fight. The hour was about to arrive. Okonkwo was in his family house. His siblings and his mother were wishing him the best of luck. His father wasn’t in sight, and Okonkwo didn’t mind at all. Thirty minutes were remaining, Okonkwo was practicing for the fight and his family was cheering on and had his support no matter what. As Okonkwo was getting ready…

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