Blooms Taxonomy Essay

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Bloom's Taxonomy of Education and its effect on Nursing Education

"Bloom's Taxonomy has long been the standard framework among clinical nurse educators and staff development coordinators for designing learning experiences or, at the least, has provided general guidance in development of objectives" (Horton, 2007). Bloom’s Taxonomy of educational objectives was developed by Benjamin Bloom in 1956 as a means to classify learning objectives and create learning tools for testing. There are three domains each containing subcategories that make up Bloom’s taxonomy. They are the cognitive domain, the affective domain, and psychomotor domain. Anderson and Krathwokl revised Bloom's taxonomy in 2001. While Bloom's Taxonomy has been a guideline
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The highest level of the cognitive domain is that of creating a new lifestyle. Diet and exercise recommendations over the long term, planning out days/weeks of meals and activity to achieve the desired outcome are now part of the patient's needs. In the affective domain, we evaluate the patient and how they utilize their emotions to cope with the diagnosis. At this point, we as health care providers are learning our patient. Assessing the patient’s readiness to learn, motivation to accept and change to improve the condition, and the attitude in which the patient is presenting in the wake of a new diagnosis. When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic illness, they go through several phases; denial, anger, bartering, acceptance. At the time when the patient reaches acceptance is when they become more receptive to receive the teaching required to improve their health status. Responding to the information is the next phase. It involves the patient beginning to retain information and request new information or clarification of that already provided. Over time, they begin to see the importance of changes needed within their life and organize how to put the changes into effect in their life. This plan may involve simply writing out a schedule on a calendar or seeking the help of a nutritionist to

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