Bless Me Ultima Essay

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Jasmine Tran
Ms. Brzowski
English 2 PDP - Period 1
Seminar Notes: Bless Me Ultima
1. Bless Me Ultima fits the description of "magical realism" because the story talks a lot about a curandera named Ultima. As we all know, a curandera is a healer. Rudolfo Anaya portrays Ultima as this old lady who has magical and spiritual powers. She seems to bring life to things around her.
"When she came the beauty of the llano unfolded before my eyes, and the gurgling waters of the river sang to the hum of the turning earth. The magical time of childhood stood still, and the pulse of the living earth pressed it mystery into my living blood." (Anaya, 1)
"Your daughter will not lift the curse, and so I must work the magic beyond evil, the
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Tony learns that all men sin.
" 'Tony,' Cico said softly, 'all men sin.' I had no answer to that. My own mother had said that losing your innocence and becoming a man was learning to sin. I felt weak and powerless in the knowledge of the impending doom." (Anaya, 118)
7. Lupito's death contributed to the theme of good and evil because Lupito was a good man, but after the war he became war-sick causing him to do bad things that he might not mean to. Sometimes the line between good and evil are blurred, so you can both. Also, the men who killed Lupito were good men, but they had to do what men had to do, which was kill Lupito, but that doesn't make them evil.
" 'And the men on the bridge, my father!' 'Men will do what they must do,' she answered." (Anaya, 25)
8. I think that Anaya included this detail because it shows us that Antonio and even the reader themselves would be questioning whether Ultima is a bruja. We would question if she is good or evil. Tony's reaction to the fallen cross was not what the reader expected. He only questioned who had broken the cross or made it fall, but he never assumed it was Ultima because she was like a mother/friend to him. He believed she was good.
" I bent down and picked up the two needles that has been stuck to the top of the

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