Like Water For Chocolate Character Analysis

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In the novel “Like Water for Chocolate” by Laura Esquivel, it explores the struggle of a girl who is locked up by her family’s tradition. In the novel, Tita falls in love with a guy named Pedro. They try to go forward in life thorough marriage but are immediately rejected by Mams Elena, Tita’s mother. As a family tradition, the youngest girl of the family is not allowed to get married as long as the mother is still alive. The girl is to take care of her mother until she is dead. In this case, Tita happens to play this role in the family. Throughout Tita’s life, not only she had been bossed continuously by her mother and has to witness her own lover become her brother in law. Freedom for Tita is only possible when she makes her own decisions in life instead of other people determining her own destiny. Tita does this in the story in the scene of the argument between her and her mother’s ghost. …show more content…
The first step they are trying to approach in their life if marriage. As soon as Mama Elena had heard about this, she had furiously rejected this idea. “ For generations, not a single person in my family has ever questioned this tradition, and no daughter of mine is going to be the one to star” (Esquirel 11). Tita had undergoes a conversation with her mother about Pedro coming over to have a “talk” with Mama Elena. Tita’s mother knew what was going to happen and was not excited about that idea. Tita then had received a fierce command tone from Mama Elena reminding her about the family’s tradition and Tita’s role of it. Tita now has to give up this idea of marriage and now has to watch her sister Rosaura get married to Pedro, her lover. This is how Tita lost her right of freedom and now she has to earn it

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