Bless Me, Ultima Essay

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The loss of innocence in life is an inevitable process. Losing one’s innocence comes merely by growing up. The philosophy of the loss of one’s innocence is a definite theme in the book Bless Me, Ultima. This theme is displayed throughout the entire story and plot of the novel. There is loss of innocence all around the main character, Tony, with his brothers and the people he meets. Tony also loses a great deal of his own innocence to the harsh realities of the world which marks his transition from a boy to a man. The theme of the loss of innocence covers the entire essence of the book. There are many cases in the story where people had lost their innocence of life and it was lost to them forever. Tony’s brothers are of …show more content…
Children aren’t supposed to live through things like Florence experienced and that is what happened to Florence, he knew too much and was yet so young so he had no faith or could not believe in anything. Tony himself went through the process of growing up and losing his innocence as well throughout the novel. In the beginning of the whole story, Tony is concerned with nothing much but his own little world like every child ought to be. His worries and experiences are really nothing compared to what he had in store for him later on, but although his later experiences would be rather unreal it still would be how any child would grow up, very gradual learning and taking things in stride. So as the story progresses we see that Tony loses his innocence in everything that he learns. Almost every new thing and experience he learns from, the loss of his innocence increases that much more. An example of just one of his many experiences his doubts in god made him that much more knowledgeable about the other powers and wonders that existed in the world. All the doubts and curiosities he had, they made him lose much of his own life’s innocence. This is what the story shows really reveals about the theme of loss of innocence, the character of Tony is really a model of what it is like to completely lose one’s

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