Bird Lake Poem

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Attack Of The Bird Poop Lake!!!

Bang! Ahhh! Splash! I tumble down the sandy hill towards the slimy brown lake water. How this happened? Well, let’s start from the very first moment of this adventure… “Coming Esa!” I call from the garage of my house. Esa, my best friend is waiting at the bottom of my driveway. I hop up on my pink bike seat and pedal down next to her. “Ready?” Esa asks. I nod an excited yes. We pedal out towards the entrance to our neighborhood. **As bright, large, green trees and big, tan condos whizz past us, I think of the best song that I can whistle. So I start whistling. Esa laughs when I finally mess up the song.** Then, the sunlight disappears. I assume it's a cloud blocking the sunlight's path to
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But you don’t have to worry about me!” Esa laughed. She’s staring at me. Then, we both find ourselves laughing. we were laughing as hysterically as hienas. Then, I remember. “ Our bikes! They're gonna sink!!!” I say. “Oh right!” She cries out. We hurry out to where the tiny bubbles are rising up from the black, gooey water. We both reach down and pull hard. The bikes are so heavy it feels like lifting 100 pounds! Soon, I see the pink and black handle bars of my bike. I start to walk back towards the brown, smelly beach. Esa joins me and we gasp for breath. I eye my bike up and down. “Gross!!! I hope Esa sill has her hose. We need it!” I thought.

We pull ourselves of the disgusting beach and walk over to Esa’s condo. I hold the hose while Esa wipes the bikes down with rag. Then we rinse ourselves off. While we do this, I think about how terrible this would have been without Esa. I mean, she IS my very best friend. And we do everything together. (That includes falling into poop filled lakes and getting mouthfulls of feathers together. Not to mention almost losing our bikes and getting grounded for the rest of our lives.;) And that's when I found out that absolutely everything is better when you have your friends by your

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