Statement Of Purpose For Participation In My High School Career

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Describe your qualifications for participation in this program. Please include any example coursework that fostered your interest in research.
I am well qualified for participation in the program as I have expressed and held a strong interest in the sciences over my high school career, despite living in a rural area. I have been able to develop my skills in the sciences greatly because of this interest. Due to my strong desire to expand my knowledge in science and mathematics, I requested to take courses earlier, and was able to start freshman year by taking Chemistry and Algebra 2 instead of conventional ninth grade courses.
Additionally, I have pursued multiple opportunities to shadow medical professionals. Through this shadowing, I have
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Please list any hobbies.
I have participated in meaningful extracurricular activities over my high school career including Student Government, Future Business Leaders of America, and my community soccer association.
Student Government Association (SGA) is very meaningful since I have developed greatly as a leader as President of my class. I have carried out many campaigns across my school including Anti-Bullying Week and several self-created fundraising events. This has helped me learn how to create well thought out plans for events and how to establish programs in my school. This skill is transferable across my life as planning is required beyond Student Government Association.
Additionally, I find my participation in the school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) organization meaningful as it has helped me develop as a leader and as a person. I have helped carry out several fundraisers for the club. While these have improved my leadership skills, they have also helped me improve my speaking skills. I have developed my speaking skills as I have talked about plans and programs with the school and members. I helped lead a 9/11 memorial balloon release and other events for the school through the organization. This was a heart-warming experience as the school was able to honor the anniversary in a truly unique
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Everyone has their own talent, abilities, and gifts that they bring into the world; I want to use my compassion, determination, and endurance to help others in my community. I want to use my education as a tool to prepare me for my vocation and become a productive member of society.
As a child, I have always aspired to become a physician. I want to become a doctor of internal medicine because I want to help people in any way I can. I have learned through volunteering at nursing homes that I enjoy helping the people around me. One of the best ways to help people while further exploring my interest in biology is to become a doctor. It will allow me to use something I love learning about to improve lives in the process.
With such a career, there is a loosely laid out educational component required, and I want to use this component to help me become more educated and prepared for my career. Once I have completed high school, I would like to go to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in biology. While this area of study is necessary for my career goals, I have also developed a love for biology in my high school course which I want to explore further. Once I have finish my studies in college, I would like to attend medical school to earn the necessary credentials and knowledge to be able to help people

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