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BIMS Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc.,
Solution-problem, purpose, research questions, and hypothesis.
In considering the analysis and overview of the BIMS Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc., This Corporation’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to combining several services to Fortune 100 companies.
You should analyze the main problem which is the reason why staff is not motivated and many training staff leaves the organization, resulting in a high turnover, which is not cost effective for the organization.
Consider that the purpose for creating the survey of employee low morale was to identify the factors that were leading to such a dismal situation within the organization.
Consider the work that Barbara, the
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Barbara has asked Team C to analyze the data from the survey to make sure that it is valid and useful by interpreting the results in a report and PowerPoint presentation. The data included in this report will help BIMS determine the cause of the high turnover and suggestions to reverse the trend.
Overview - Problem
General Manager, Barbara Tucker, thinks the morale of her staff at the Douglas Medical Center has weakened. Her employer, “Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS), typically experiences an annual turnover rate of 55 to 60%” (University of Phoenix, 2012, p. 2), however over the past four months the rate has increased to over 64%. The workers who have chosen to leave do not reveal their reasoning that has left many questions unanswered.
The purpose of the learning team was to act as a consulting group to the top management team. Barbara Tucker asked the team to analyze the data from the survey to make sure that it is valid and useful. The human resources manager, Debbie Horner, developed an employee survey to be given to all 449 employees asking him or her to express his or her satisfaction with the company. Unfortunately, only 78 employees responded, a 17.3% response rate. Managers and supervisors are still struggling to understand the reasoning for the increased turnover and were expecting the survey to provide them with more answers.
Research Questions Research questions could be: How is Ballard Integrated Managed

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