Bims Case Study Part 1 Essay

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BIMS Case Study Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc. (BIMS) provides food and hospitality services on a contractual basis to patients and staff of corporations and institutions nationwide. Over the past several months, Barbara Tucker, the general manager at BIMS, has noticed an increase in the turnover rate of employees, but no new reasons are being given during exit interviews to justify that increase. In order to find the cause, Barbara gives all employees a survey to complete and return.
Instrument used for Data Collected In this data set, Debbie used a number scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being very negative and 5 being very positive. This will help to gain a census of the problems involving the employee's. Provides the
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Level of Measurement Question 1-10 of the questionnaire represents ordinal level data, with the exception of question 4 which is a ratio measurement. Ordinal data is “statistical data type consisting of numerical scores that exist on a specific scale” ("The Institute of Statistics Education", 2004-2013). For example in the given questionnaire, five is better than four, four is better than three, three is better than two, and two is better than one. Questions A, C, and D represent nominal level data. This data can be represented in any order. There is no natural order for these. For instance, for the gender question one can either report males first or the females. Question B is quantitative in nature and can be classed as ratio level data. In this level, of data the zero point is meaningful because the time spent employed at BIMS cannot be a negative number. A person could have worked for a year but not negative one year.
Coded Data and Input Errors A spreadsheet made of the results allows for easier analysis. Numerical format is recorded for numerical and word data for further ease of data entry and analysis. For example, the length of time an employee has worked at BIMS is shown in months. To allow for easier deciphering, a legend is included with the results Attention to detail is important when entering data. Coding errors included turning fives into sixes, and zeroes inputted to reflect no answer given for that question. This may mean data shown

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