Bili And Taran Watched The Children Run Off Essay

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Bili and Taran watched the children run off.
“I’ll haul this stuff back to your house,” Bili told Taran, collecting the ball and sticks. “And you’ll come over before the Midsummer festival and we can walk there together. That’s not a question, by the way.”
“Sometimes, I wonder who made you king,” muttered Taran. “Fine. You, Asla and I will go together.”
Taran turned wandered over to the tree where Lutren rested in the wagon, tended to by Veerah. Though the day was warm, the boy had a thick blanket wrapped around him. Lutren sat upright as Taran approached.
“Can we please get out of here?” wheezed Lutren, casting Veerah a sour look. “I want to be out in the sun. I feel cold all the time and I like the sun on me.”
Taran looked to Veerah. “Is it all right?”
“Of course,” she said. “But Lutren forgets how easy it is for him to get a fever when he broils out in the sun for too long. A mix of sun and shade is fine, though.”
Lutren groaned. “She babies me.”
“She’s trying to help you stay well,” Taran told his young friend.
“I’m dying; I’d rather be happy. That means I want honey cakes, a lady friend, and sunshine.”
“I can help with honey cakes and sunshine,” said Taran, “but not the lady friend, I’m afraid.”
“Two out of three isn’t bad, I suppose,” replied Lutren in a voice little above a whisper.
Taran took the wagon’s handle at looked at Veerah. “Can I have him for an hour and then bring him home?”
“Of course, sire. But if you have any trouble, I’ll be at the cottage, cooking…

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