The Stolen Wool Analysis

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The Story Of The Stolen Wool By: Jordyn Sullivan [based on Baa Baa Black Sheep]

You wouldn't think a sheet of wool could cause so much problems in the span of 4 days, until you hear the story of Betty Black Sheep. See, Betty Black Sheep has the absolute finest wool. Everyone is asking for it so they can sell it themselves or sew something out of it. This is where everything went wrong. Somebody stole the wool! All three bags full! It's springtime of 2006 a sunny day where you feel the wind blow into your face, 12:00 pm. Morey, the Master, better known as Betty's owner, was enjoying a roast beef sandwich for lunch with Beavus, the Boy that lived down the lane on the porch. They were conversing over how much they will sell Betty's coal black wool for this spring. At the same time,
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"I guess you could after all, Beavus. What does it matter anyway? The only thing I want most in this world is a wool blanket. There isn't near enough in one bag to make it- so the wool I'll be receiving has no purpose!" Losing the smirk the shy boy portrays, he answered sadly. "Oh, I'm sorry Dixie. Perhaps you could just make a smaller blanket."
Day 2: Today's the day everyone retrieves their wool, in the story of Betty Black Sheep. Beavus was riding his bike down the lane to Morey and Dixie's farm, excited as could be. He pulled into the gravel driveway as fast as his scrawny legs would push him. Dropping his bike into the grass, Beavus ran up to the screen door on the front porch and knocked his fist as rapid as his heart beat. Walking angrily up to the door to answer Beavus, Morey furiously started up a conversation he didn't want to have. "What are you doing here so early Beavus!?" I said we can claim the wool at lunchtime. It's 6 AM! It's freezing and dark outside!" "Sorry sir, I really am. I really need to ask for a favor though, Morey. It's important." Beavus said like a sentence spitting sorry

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