Swot Analysis For Big Guys

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Business plan are general to know where the business and what are the future prospects of the business or in other words where the business is heading (Griffin, 2010). However business plans can be amended time to time to incorporate the changes in the market condition or the company situations. As per the recommendation to venture in the field of market research it is necessary that big guys gym makes changes in its business plan to accommodate the same.
To incorporate this change, big guys firstly has to develop a methodology to conduct there searches.
Big guys gym has to understand the ways and means of gathering information and evaluate the outcomes of this gathered information. Based on the success of the outcome the methodology
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This shall follow by a clear understanding of the market segment for the services. Additionally, big guys should even expand its business operations by making a store which provides supplements for customers. This should follow by a thorough plan for marketing of services.
Now big guys need to define clear strategic marketing. The use of brochures, advertising on magazines, newspapers, and various internet sources, search engine optimization, and web promotion can act in favor of the gym for increased awareness among the customers. Clear focus should be laid to decide for the goals to be achieved for the regular intervals such as for the next 3 years or so.
Thereafter, based on the plan the marketing analysis should be done. This should follow by thorough understanding of the sales forecasts for the big guys gym. This would help in formulation of strategies in the right manner. Therefore, the big guys would be ready to face stiff competition with the passage of time. The employment would also be maintained in the right manner along with the operating budget. These would overall help in generating financial projections. This marketing strategy would overall result in growth and success of the big guys for
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Managers, employees, workers, and even owners do not welcome business changes with open arms. Short term changes are painful for workers, managers, owners etc. But in long run, it is fruitful for the business. Small business enterprises rarely believe in business changes. They mostly do changes with the intension of creating better work place and work environment. Moreover, big guys gym has some possible impacts of changes on both business and personnel.
Impact on Business
By proposed changes big guys gym will get new dimension towards the success. Big guys gym will be more profit oriented in a budgeted framework. Its changes may lead business to more and more customers. The changes will helps big guys to be innovative which helps it to be a market leader and boost up sales, profitability etc. Business life increases when it will encourage innovation. Innovation also helps to expand a business and also compete in existing or new markets.
Changes in big guys will also help to increase efficiency by introducing new machineries or gym equipment. This will lead to reduction in cost and increased output of business which further lead to increase in customer

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