Big City Girl, Small Town Woman Essay

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Big City Girl, Small Town Woman Jennifer, or Jen as some like to call her, was born July 24th, 1970, in the Chicago suburb of Bolingbrook, Illinois. Jen Townsend was the name she grew up with through out her high school and college career, but on October 7th, 1995, her life changed when she married David Claeys, a man from a town smaller than the size of her entire high school. They met at Western Illinois University, where she attended college, and majoring in business. After about three years of marriage she delivered a baby girl (me), and then three years, my brother came along. After living in a bity city for most of her life and then transferring to a small town, my mom was shaped into who she is today. Taking the jump from one city to the next shifted my mom’s hobbies, opinions and values have changed for the better. When my mom grew up in a city 15 times the size of the town that she lives in now, her interests were different. Granted she was young and didn’t have anything to lose, but as she grew older she realized the advantages and disadvantages of big cities. In Bolingbrook, she was involved in a bunch of sports, such as, basketball and softball. When she was growing up, in a big city she gained many knowledgeable skills, such as confidence, which help her today without even knowing it. I recently have been studying about gender roles in the work place and decided to ask my mom if she has ever had any problems because of her gender. She said she was lucky to…

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