Essay about Benefits Of Working And Attending Students

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According to the Huffington Post, nearly four out of five college students are working a part-time job while studying for their degrees. For several reasons, these students need to acquire cash and they do so by obtaining jobs around or on their campus. However, more often than not, students struggle with keeping their GPA up while putting in hours at their part-time job. Students like Keisha M. Carr, are taking up to fifteen credits a semester-the equivalent of five classes-all while putting in twenty hours of work into their already busy schedule. These students need to learn how to maintain equilibrium between working and attending classes in order to be successful in both elements. The one out of five students who attend college opt out of a part-time job while attending classes for the fear that it would be too much on their plates but some individuals have to keep up an income while they attend school. Whether it is for educational expenses or not, Erin Pretotta from Oklahoma State University states that students get a job to alleviate student debt: “a part-time paycheck can reduce or eliminate the need for student loans”. Pam Ehlers, Director of OSU Career Services, reported more than 5,000 student employees work at Oklahoma State University each year. Pretotta additionally explains that other students may work to earn extra spending money needed to enjoy experiences outside of the classroom. Correspondingly with Pretotta’s findings, in the interview I conducted…

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