Benefits Of Vegetarianism

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Life Changing Benefits of Vegetarianism
Did you know that a vegetarian diet would save 7.3 million lives? Vegetarianism is the practice of not eating any meat or animal products. In many ways it can help improve your health and the environment around us. Some say that being vegetarian doesn’t give you proper nutrients and can be harmful to your health. While others believe that going vegetarian would save the lives of many people, plants, and animals. Not only does vegetarianism provide many health benefits, which are a healthier lifestyle and mindset, and protection against harmful diseases, but environmental benefits as well.
Going vegetarian allows a healthy diet that helps protect you against life-threatening diseases and other things
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“Compared to non-vegetarians, vegans and vegetarians watch less television, sleep more, and consume more fruits, vegetables, and low-glycemic foods and less saturated fat.” (Palmer) This shows that vegetarians are able to live a healthier lifestyle because of their good food choices. This is important because many people are able to have more of a good mindset after they take control of things in their lives. A lot of people stress over healthy eating and their weight, which can leave them in a very bad mental state. Vegetarian diets allow people to follow a healthier diet which affects their lifestyle in many ways. People start to become more active and do more things which can tremendously uplift their mindset. So, this allows people to not only be healthy physically, but mentally as well, which is something that many people can disregard and not pay much attention …show more content…
“Research by Robert Goodland and Jeff Anhang, the authors of Livestock and Climate Change, indicates that raising animals for food produces 51 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions each year.” (Rajt) As you can see this amount is more than half of the amount of greenhouse gases. Climate change harms the planet we live and life it contains. So many animals are harmed because of climate change which is causing more and more animals to die off. By going vegetarian, we could reduce these emissions drastically. “Vast quantities of fresh produce grown in the US are left in the field to rot, fed to livestock or hauled directly from the field to landfill.” (Goldenberg) It is true that much of the produce grown is thrown away in landfills which can cause problems but food is the number one source of trash in landfills which includes meats as well. By going vegetarian we can tackle the food waste problem by having a significant decrease of meat thrown away. Even with that, it is still much more helpful to the earth if you become a vegetarian. “Raising animals for food produces 51 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions each year.” (Rajt) This contributes to global warming and is very harmful to the earth. By going vegetarian we can decrease that number significantly because we won’t be eating any meat. This is so important because this helps the planet which includes the people and animals living in it. That is

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