Benefits Of Using Emoticons On Business Communications Within Collectivist Cultures And Individualistic Cultures

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It is a known fact that most people in the world own or have access to a digital device that has instant messaging capabilities. When utilizing instant messaging, people use graphic representations of emotions called emoticons. In other words, emoticons are a construction of the words “emotion” and “icon” that represent facial expressions using standard keyboard characters (Skovholt, 2014). With the prevalent use of instant messaging, business communications have shifted with the times where it is now common to see this medium of communication used in an informal way. In this paper, I am going to look at the benefits of using emoticons in business communications within collectivist and individualistic cultures. We need to understand the benefits of using emoticons to communicate to people. It is different in every country which is why we need to know that cultural communicative differences exist when using emoticons as well as realizing that it is a great way to convey tone and positive emotions.
The way we communicate has changed dramatically ever since social media has been used prevalently in our daily lives. Twitter is a popular social media outlet that enables us to connect with people we may not otherwise meet in real life. Celebrities, news outlets, and businesses rely on Twitter and other social media to engage with the public. It is a unique way to communicate because of the 140-character limit on messages that forces users to find different ways of expressing…

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