Vegan Lifestyle Benefits

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A “vegan” is a person in which does not use or consume animal products.It is estimated that around 22.8 million people lives are a plant based life. Choosing a vegan lifestyle can contribute many beneficial factors to one’s life. This lifestyle could benefit one’s physical and emotional health, the environment around them, and many other aspects that contribute to the way one’s life is determined. Being a vegan not only means not eating any animal product but also not using the animal product in other ways than eating them. For example, living a vegan lifestyle would include not eating meats, not consuming eggs or milk, or using these items as ingredients in products such as skin care. Becoming vegan is not only beneficial to the animals, but also to one’s health and the …show more content…
( Living a plant based life also affects the appearance of your skin and signs of aging, for example, fine lines and wrinkles, and it also contributes to the amount of energy each person has because of all of the nutrients being absorbed through the plants. There are 6 science-based benefits of eating a plant based diet and those include; having a diet richer in certain nutrients, promotes losing extra weight, decreases blood sugar and improves kidney functioning, fights against certain cancers, lowers the chance of getting heart disease, and reduces the pains that are received from arthritis. ( Not only could the lifestyle change promote a better life physically but also emotionally. Changing diet routines could help improve quality of life by helping cope with mental diseases such as depression, anxiety, fatigue, and the functioning of the the body overall. ( Human anatomy was also examined to prove that humans were made to be herbivores and not omnivores. For example, if you were to compare a human to a wolf, you would notice that humans

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