Analysis: Will Going Vegan Help The Environment

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Will Going Vegan Help the Environment?
Have you ever thought about going vegan? According to Bill McKibben, changing to vegan is better for the environment. Going vegan means that the person is on a plant based diet. Vegans help the environment with the go around of animal mistreatment and slaughter, the elimination of health risks that come with the animals and also the reduction of environmental waste. With that, McKibben believes that we should stop eating meat. When people stop eating meat they don’t get all the nutrients they will need in their diet.
In the essay “The Only Way to Have a Cow”, a Chicago study stated that going vegan is fifty percent more efficient in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions rather than switching to a hybrid car. Going vegan means that you simply stop eating meat and only eat a plant base diet. Vegans are against animal mistreatment because they
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They contaminate the area in which they live. Going vegan can eliminate the production of environmental waste in the world. When livestock is being prepared to be sold and taken to be slaughtered, the owner has to prepare them the right way. By doing this they have to feed it a certain amount of food and take care of them to make sure they remain healthy. With all that comes the waste from the livestock. Vegans do not believe all this waste should be eliminated from livestock and this is why they choose to be vegan. All this manure is not only bad for the environment but it is also bad for the atmosphere. All the harmful products that are in the manure are now in the atmosphere. McKibben believes that raising to much cattle can cause the oversupply of atmosphere greenhouse gases into the ground for another half a century. This will be a problem not only now but further down the road if we do not take care of it right now. Grass- fed beef is better for you and also the environment. This is a cheaper option that will help eliminate harmful gases into the

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