Essay on Benefits Of Being A Nurse

767 Words Dec 20th, 2015 4 Pages
When it comes to nursing it takes so many different things when it comes to taking care of those in need. Having a job in the medical field can be difficult, but when you decide you want to join this field you take on more work and new things. In the medical field, you have to have a heart working in this field because some patients are more difficult than others. Pursuing my career in this field will take time, but when I’m done everything I went through will all be worth it. You can’t work in this field if you don’t understand what’s going on with the patients you take care of. In this field, there will be times when you get overwhelmed and just feel like it a lot you will have to overcome the bad and look at the good. Being a nurse has always been my dream career helping people and showing I am a loving, hard-working, established person when it comes to caring for others. Showing you’re a loving person means you take care of them like you would expect someone would take care of your family in that situation. Working in this field, you have to be a good hearted person to care for the people you work with and for. In the medical field, your love is for the job and for the kind heart in you. Caring for the patient in need of your help and being there through hard times shows you love and care what happens to them. Helping others shows, you’re the one for the job and shows you’re the one to provide the information they need to get better. Having a nice personality towards…

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