Benefits And Benefits Of Salary Essay

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Salary is a very important aspect of employment and can rely on the current market to determine what exactly that number will be. Furthermore, a salary survey assesses what businesses offer what wages and benefits and uses the information to make sure its employees are being treated objectively. In an article written by Albert Hyde and Eric Zeemering titled “Overpaid? Public Service Delivery and City Manager Compensation in California” they stated that making sure community region wages and compensation are equal with private region was also known as “comparability principle”. This goes to show that a salary survey is very important to a company so that they can make sure their employees are not being treated unjustly. If they are, not only are they going to leave the organization, but also the company will probably have a low retention rate. It is my belief that if a company acts with integrity and does not only what’s best for their employees as well then the employees will stay committed to its company’s goals and successes. There are many benefits that are not required by law that companies offer to their employees. Health care is one of the most popular benefits that employers offer. “Health care benefits play an important role in the employment relationship. Employees value these plans and often are attracted to and retain employment with employers who offer good employer-sponsored medical and health benefits”(As cited by Markel, 2010). This quote explains that this…

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