Essay about Benefits And Benefits Of America 's Military

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Red, white, and blue are the colors of the United States of America. Within the nation there is a courageous group of men and women protecting those colors and everything those colors represent. America’s military is looking for brave young people to help the nation stay strong and protect the values and traditions founding fathers helped establish. The benefits people receive from America’s military are highly valued. Three important benefits the military has to offer are monetary benefits, travel benefits, and experience benefits.
The military offers many monetary benefits including a signing bonus, housing pay, and college pay. When men and women sign up for the military, they receive a signing bonus if they are fluent in a language or if they get other people to sign up. (Johnson, 2016) The military will give a signing bonus and a promotion if a person gets other people to sign up for the military. When given a promotion, it means making more money, which is always a nice item to have. (Wertheim 2012) Money is not everything, but it helps with a lot of the things these brave young men and women do.
Another great benefit of the military is the housing pay they offer which is an option if living on base isn’t something that sounds like its going to be enjoyable.(Johnson 2016) On the flipside say living off base isn’t going be beneficial the military provides free housing. The military also loves families and it takes care of soldiers and their families by providing…

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