Benchmark-Ethical Dilemmas Of Abortion

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Benchmark - Ethical Dilemmas
Abortion is personally understood as a female’s choice to terminate a pregnancy. There are ethical dilemmas to be faced when one makes the decision to abort an unborn child. Further understanding of the Christian’s core beliefs, how one can compare both sides and come up with a resolution, and have a full evaluation of what can be gained will help her in making a decision that can impact not only her life… but God’s image that resides within her womb.
Ethical Dilemma
With years of difficulty, Susan gets pregnant. However, with blood test confirmation she is told that her baby was tested positive for Down’s syndrome, resulting with the doctor’s suggestion to abort the fetus. Susan was blessed with a thriving career
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Each baby born with Down’s syndrome are unique in how they will reach individual milestones. One consequence can be frustration on behalf of the mother with unrealistic expectations of her child. However, it is vital for Susan to befriend other parents during her pregnancy who are in the same situation who will be able to offer her advice and a support. In addition, finding the appropriate physicians who specializes with Down’s syndrome will help her understand and relate to her child. Another consequence can be allowing the diagnosis of Down’s syndrome to overshadow Susan’s life. Susan should always remember that her child is first and foremost, a precious gift from God, specially designed and made perfect in His …show more content…
If Susan is a Christian, her worldview should reflect her core beliefs in allowing her to love her unborn child unconditionally as God loves us all, and help her in her resolution. Weighing and comparing all consequences from each side would be the best way to educate and inform Susan. Regardless of the religious worldview that may contribute an opinion, the decision will be Susan’s to make. With this in mind, Susan should always remember that she strived for this pregnancy and God answered her and created a child in His image within her womb. The choice she makes for her unborn baby can never be

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