Being Sheltered From The Real World Essay example

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Growing up, with parents whose hardcore Christian beliefs mirrored that of society—had done all it could to manipulate my future. Being sheltered from the real world around us, did nothing but hurt me in the long run. As a child, I was only given one path and was told that everything else is a lie and that I would go to hell if I were to believe anything different. Science was also looked at as coming from the devil and was not talked about in my house. Given my rebellious nature, all of the things that I wasn 't supposed to do, well those were the things that I set out to research. This is my story of how something that is supposed to help society—has only made it more corrupt.
What I think to hurt me the most was, as a child, I was not told to think for myself or to be a critical thinker. In fact, it was the opposite of that. Everything that would happen to me was already pre-planned and destined to happen. So here I am with this amazing mind, that can do many things, yet I am not supposed to use it. Not only am I not supposed to use it, but being a critical thinker is what the devil wants us to do. As I started junior high, I had become quite hostile towards some of the people in the church and started to rebel. I couldn 't help but to analyze everything around me and nothing ever made sense. Was I a manifestation of evil here on earth or was I the devil himself? These are legitimate questions that I would ask myself on a daily basis. Life, during that time, was a dark…

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