Being A Peaceful Place - Original Writing Essay

1462 Words Jun 30th, 2016 6 Pages

The sun slowly set, fading out before dying in a bright orange light beyond the horizon, leaving only darkness in it’s wake. I looked at the empty hole in the dark sky gradually realising my mistake. I was too late. Everyone knew what happened to people that were caught out after dark, at the same time nobody did, people just disappeared, and now, I was going to be one of them. Crawford used to be a peaceful place, but that was a month ago, before the collapse, before the political unrest. Before Trump.

It was pitch black, some lights flickered on in the town in the dusty valley below, but power was scarce nowadays. Most people had abandoned Crawford and their jobs for fear of what a new president would bring. So far the new president hadn 't really done anything, but that was enough to make the nation spiral out of control. Borders were clogged, homes and jobs abandoned, some people just left the nation, others hid, while some were taken by gangs that were running rampant in the chaos of the Texas border state. Crawford was once a laid back quiet town, but now by day it was a shambles of travelers trying to escape, and by night it was a ghost town where no-one dared move.

I gazed out across the valley ahead of me perplexed and shaken at my situation, how could I have been so dumb, so stupid, climbing to the top of victory hill, Crawford 's biggest hill just before dark, for what, two bars of cell phone reception. I looked at my watch 9:17, racked my brain…

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